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Why We Are Emotionally Attached To Our Mugs – The Best Answers You Need

What is a mug? “It is a large cup with straight sides used for hot drinks” – definition from Is that all? Not only me, but lots of people have the same complicated feelings towards their mugs. And we all wonder why we are emotionally attached to our mugs. There are some psychological studies […]

5 Reasons Coffee Mugs are an Amazing Gift

The easiest way a person can show his/her particular affection to the one they love is through a gift. We all know that. However, picking out the best and meaningful gift from thousands of options can be a real frustration. My thought is, “go with a coffee mug.” You question me why? Read through this […]

Different Types Of Coffee Cup Materials – What Are The Best?

Introduction There is the fact that there are many different types of coffee cup materials available in the market today. It makes users difficult to choose which cup to use. Therefore, in this article today, we will introduce briefly to you the three best types of coffee cup materials. Three best different types of coffee […]

How To Make A Mug Cake? 5 Healthy Recipes For Diet

If you want to prepare a mug cake for a cheat day of your diet, look no further. This article will answer your question “How to make a mug cake?” with  5 healthy recipes here.   Have you ever thought of a 10-minute dessert? It sounds impossible, but it’s real! A mug cake was born to […]

A Teacup vs Coffee Cup: From Now On, There Are No Questions Asked

Teacup vs coffee cup –  different names, but to tell the truth, they look so alike. Here are several things you should no longer mistake a teacup for a coffee cup. Why in the world should we distinguish a teacup vs coffee cup? In fact, this is a small but very essential etiquette we all […]